True Love is Worth the Wait

Over the past few weeks I have talked about the ultimate example of love, the love of God the father. Though His love is irreplaceable, as humans we seek earthly(human love) as well. In seeking earthly(human love) at what cost should you do so? I mean in this day and age there are several ways in which people seek love. Whether it be blind dates, meeting people while in your daily routine, attending singles events or online dating. The options seem to continue to grow. While in this process of finding love or love finding you, make sure that’s it just that, love. Not filling the need to not be lonely or the deadline that you had for yourself to be married by a certain age.

I had a conversation some time ago with someone and we were talking about relationships and how they were tired of being alone. The conversation got very interesting when I asked the question “is it worth it to just date someone for the sake of not being alone and ultimately feeling a false sense of love”? I mean of course no one can ever come close to God’s but that love definitely doesn’t have to be second rate. From the way the conversation went the answer came to that it wasn’t worth it just to date or marry just for the sake of dating or marrying, but being lonely wasn’t fun either.

There comes a time when the decisions that we make will be the best decision for us, but it may be a little uncomfortable for a while. Finding love almost always falls in this category. I mean we are faced with the dilemma of accepting what is available or holding out for true love. The pain and loneliness that comes with the decision of waiting for a man who genuinely loves you and will treat you the way you ought to be treated will be nothing compared to the joy of when he actually arrives. Of course when you are wanting for something you tend to focus on getting that thing, but as the saying goes, don’t be so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey.

If you find yourself single and wondering when will my time come, be patient your time is coming!! True love is worth the wait. Though at times being single you may experience heartache. I’m sure that wouldn’t compare to the pain and regret of realizing that you gave up what you wanted most for what you desired at the time. So just be patient, as I said before your time is coming! While you’re waiting prepare, because preparation time is never lost time. True love is worth the wait!

Always remember You are a Worthy Woman!

Bought With A Price And Insured

I heard a really good sermon the other day that really made me look at the love of God in a different way. It’s always been comforting to know that God loved us so much that we were bought with the priceless blood of Jesus. That’s just awesome in itself, He loved us so much that He sent His one and only son to die on the cross for you and me. Just imagine every one of your sins, sickness and disease has already been paid for by Jesus blood.

Think about it for a second, someone loved you so much that they gave their life for yours. I don’t know about you but for me this story never gets old and never loses it’s impact. And just in case you happen to lose sight of His love along the way, He left us some insurance if you will to remind us of His love. He didn’t just love us enough to die for us He loved us so much that He left us His word, an instruction manual and love letter for life. Bought with a price and insured, now that’s love. In case you need a reminder of his love at any given time your insurance policy(the word) is always there to remind you of that love.

I don’t mean to be redundant but knowing how much we are loved is exciting to me and I want to be sure that you and women around the world know about His love. If you are not familiar with His word why not get acquainted today, Proverbs is a great place to start.

As always, remember You are a Worthy Woman!

Unconditional Love

It’s funny how in life we encounter many different people & personalities. Those who attempt to bring out the worst in us & others who bring out the absolute best. Those who give ultimatums & love us conditionally & those who love us no matter what. Just in case you didn’t know God’s love is unconditional.

He’s loves you when you’re at your best and He also loves you in the times you’re at your worst. There is nothing that we can do to make our Heavenly Father love us any less. He doesn’t give ultimatums and loves you for who you are. Whether you are tall or short, light or dark, introverted or extroverted He loves you. Yes He loves you, you reading this blog. He loves you! Look at yourself in the mirror and say God loves me!

Yes He loves you! The word says “He loves us with an everlasting love”(Jeremiah 31:3a). Everlasting means forever, so yes God will love you forever. His love doesn’t change and it’s never revoked. God’s unconditional love is always there and you can count on that. As Hebrews 13:8 says “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”

So if you are reading this today and you feel that there is no way that God can love you, because you’ve done such and such. He does love you and He loves you unconditionally. Here are a few things He has said about you or to you:

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. John 15:9(ESV)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16(NIV)

For I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels won’t, and all the powers of hell itself cannot keep God’s love away. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, 39 or where we are—high above the sky, or in the deepest ocean—nothing will ever be able to separate us from the love of God demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when he died for us. Romans 8:38-39(TLB)

So no matter what you’ve done or what you’re going through God’s love is ever present in you and for you. He loves you so much, more than you will ever know. Receive His love today.

God Loves You Unconditionally and remember You Are A Worthy Woman!

He Loves You!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it was the perfect time to speak to you ladies on love. For the next few weeks I will be doing a series titled “So Loved”.  As a minister at my church always used to say “you haven’t been loved until you’ve been SO LOVED”.

I remember as a little girl when we really liked someone we would get flowers with petals and take the petals off one by one alternating saying “he loves me, he loves me not”, and if on the last petal you were at he loves me then it meant that possibly the boy liked you. Oh the silly things we did as kids, what a way to determine love.

Whether you are spending this Valentine’s Day with or without someone I’d like to tell you that you are SO LOVED, HE LOVES YOU. I know usually around this time of the year we compute love in dinners, balloons and gifts but it goes far beyond that. We have been loved with an everlasting love(Jeremiah 31:3), a love that’s not conditional or only comes around some of the time, this is a everyday all day kind of love.

This love I’m speaking of is the father’s love, “See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!”( I John 3:1a).  So whether you will have a valentine or not this year, know that YOU ARE LOVED. You are so loved that not only did He give His only begotten son for you, He created the masterpiece of you. He carefully planned every detail about you even down to the number of hairs on your head. Wow…that ‘s some kind of love. I know you may be thinking(if you’re single) you want a physical love and I totally understand that, but at God’s perfect time He will send you someone who He has hand picked for you. It will definitely be worth the wait, but until then enjoy the exclusivity of God’s love. I pray that God’s love floods your heart today and that you feel His presence today and everyday. So that you always remember I want you to say every day I am (insert your name here) and I AM LOVED!



Focus on the Finish Line

At the start of a dream most if not all people are excited, and motivated to say the least. The beginning is always fun and exciting and nothing can keep you from your dream so it seems. In talking about dreams and goals the beginning and the end of the dream or goal are happy times but what about the middle? You know when it seems like those small wins just aren’t enough and everyone around you is excelling at full speed ahead but it seems that your progress is slow? It’s at times like that when you must be intentional with your focus, it’s at times like that when you must have a laser focus if you will.

It’s so easy to look around and see the progress that others are making, and your small wins seem insignificant, but don’t despise small beginnings. Just keep that tunnel vision and you will get there. Focus is very important in achieving your dreams, and losing your focus to see what others are doing is good way to slow down your own progress. In that looking at others and comparing can cause you to get side tracked and sometimes makes you wonder if you are even on the right track. Don’t make that mistake because everyone’s journey will be different and just because someone is at a certain stage in the process doesn’t mean when you are at that stage yours experience will be the same.

To eliminate the stress and pressures of this, focusing on the finish line or your end goal is vital. It’s not to say stress out thinking only about the finish and nothing else, but enjoy the process. Enjoy the knowledge and experience you will gain along the way and before you know it, you will be seeing the fulfillment of that dream and ready to go after a new and exciting dream. So keep at it and don’t be discouraged just keep your eye on the prize and focus on the finish line. You have what it takes to succeed.

Remember you are a Worthy Woman.