True Love is Worth the Wait

Over the past few weeks I have talked about the ultimate example of love, the love of God the father. Though His love is irreplaceable, as humans we seek earthly(human love) as well. In seeking earthly(human love) at what cost should you do so? I mean in this day and age there are several ways in which people seek love. Whether it be blind dates, meeting people while in your daily routine, attending singles events or online dating. The options seem to continue to grow. While in this process of finding love or love finding you, make sure that’s it just that, love. Not filling the need to not be lonely or the deadline that you had for yourself to be married by a certain age.

I had a conversation some time ago with someone and we were talking about relationships and how they were tired of being alone. The conversation got very interesting when I asked the question “is it worth it to just date someone for the sake of not being alone and ultimately feeling a false sense of love”? I mean of course no one can ever come close to God’s but that love definitely doesn’t have to be second rate. From the way the conversation went the answer came to that it wasn’t worth it just to date or marry just for the sake of dating or marrying, but being lonely wasn’t fun either.

There comes a time when the decisions that we make will be the best decision for us, but it may be a little uncomfortable for a while. Finding love almost always falls in this category. I mean we are faced with the dilemma of accepting what is available or holding out for true love. The pain and loneliness that comes with the decision of waiting for a man who genuinely loves you and will treat you the way you ought to be treated will be nothing compared to the joy of when he actually arrives. Of course when you are wanting for something you tend to focus on getting that thing, but as the saying goes, don’t be so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey.

If you find yourself single and wondering when will my time come, be patient your time is coming!! True love is worth the wait. Though at times being single you may experience heartache. I’m sure that wouldn’t compare to the pain and regret of realizing that you gave up what you wanted most for what you desired at the time. So just be patient, as I said before your time is coming! While you’re waiting prepare, because preparation time is never lost time. True love is worth the wait!

Always remember You are a Worthy Woman!

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