Not Why Can’t You, But How Can You

Ever have an idea to do something and your first thought after that great idea is why you can’t carry out that idea? I know I’ve been there, more times than I’d like to admit. But I have learned that when my mind shifts to the negative, I have to steer it back in a positive direction. It’s difficult for dreams to be birthed in negativity, so I propose a solution. The next time you have an idea that you’d like to execute on and that negative thought tries to slow you down. Simply say to yourself “not why can’t I, but how can I.

I truly believe dwelling on how you can instead of the reasons why you can’t can be life changing. Just think of all the things you could accomplish if you executed on how could you instead of why you couldn’t. If instead of why you can’t start a business you created a plan of how you can. If instead of constantly saying why no one would buy your products you come up with a plan for them not only to buy your products but to also help promote your products. It also really helps to associate yourself with people who think outside of the box and look for the possibilities in a situation instead of the impossibilities. That one change alone will have you executing on way more ideas than giving yourself an out as you may have done in the past.

I challenged someone to do this a few days ago to try this strategy out and see how much they accomplish. I am anxious to see out it turns out! So I would like to challenge you as well. For the next 30 days every time you have an idea that you’d like to execute on and that negative thought tries to shut down the idea before it ever gets started. Ask yourself the question, “Not why can’t I, how can I”? But let’s take it a step further, don’t just think about it, I want you to get out a notebook or a piece of paper and write down a few steps you can take to execute on this idea. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of ideas that would have normally been dismissed to being executed on, and not just executed but executed with confidence. Leave a comment below letting me know what ideas you are executing on. Ready, set, go!!

As always Remember You Are A Worthy Woman!!

Nobody Better

I love watching movies and finding meaning or quotes in the movie that help with life. There is a Whoopi Goldberg movie that I watched years ago called “Corina Corina”. In that movie one of the actors made a statement and even years later that statement resonates with me. “I am Molly Singer and there is nobody in the world that is better than me” is the statement she made. The statement wasn’t said in a cocky or superior kind of way but simply in a bold and confident kind of way.

That statement says so much in my opinion. I hear it saying even when others don’t think I’m good, I am. Even when I don’t feel like the best, I am. Even when I don’t feel the prettiest, I am. I am confident and I am bold.

If you just took a moment and looked at yourself in the mirror and said I am (insert your name here) and there is no one in the world that is better than me. Making a statement like that exudes confidence immediately. I don’t mean just mumble the statement, but say it like you mean it. Even if you don’t feel like the statement is true at the moment, that’s ok say it anyway. If you say it enough you will begin to believe it.

It’s interesting how we sometimes believe a lie quicker than we believe the truth. I know I may not know you personally and may have never met you, but the truth is, you’re beautiful. No matter what the world says or your teacher said or what even what you say to yourself negatively, you are beautiful and you are worthy ! I want you to always remember that. Even at times when your mind or the enemy is telling you different don’t believe it. I am absolutely positively sure you are beautiful and worthy. No matter what you’ve done or been through those things don’t define who you are.

Let’s begin today by leaving the past in the past and using those obstacles and adversities to make us better not bring us further down. There is a quote which I’m not sure who the author is, that says “repair your broken principles and keep moving forward”. That is my advice for you today, repair or come out of who and what you used to be and come up higher to walk into who God called you to be. No longer driven by your past, but boldly and confidently walking into your future.

You are (insert your name here) and there is no one in the world that is better than you!

Always Remember You Are A Worthy Woman!

Take Time To Care For You

As women we are naturally wired to take care of everyone, but at what point do we take care of ourselves? If you are a woman reading this and you are constantly taking care of others but never take the time for you, it’s time to change that today. When caring for others whether children, husband, parents or even friends you can easily forget to take care of you. Caring for self is very important and needs to be prioritized as such. As I write this I am also speaking to myself.

Whether you just take a few hours of alone time to read a good book, going to lunch with a friend or treating yourself to a massage. Self care is so important in that when we are always taking care of others and never or rarely taking care of ourselves, and it can lead to burnout at times. We can’t very well take care of others if we are out of commission. As is stated in the announcements on a plane before take off, In the event of an emergency situation and passengers are required to put on the masks, you must first put the mask on yourself before you can help anyone else. The same goes for life.

When I say self care I’m not just talking about treating yourself to “me time” by doing something you love. I’m also speaking in terms of health as well. If there is a doctors appointment that you have been putting off or if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while even, this is definitely a part of self care. Another important form of self care is the proper food intake. Eating too many sugary, fried and processed food zaps your energy which leaves you drained while trying to care for your family and friends. You already have a lot on your plate who wants to be exhausted halfway through the day. I’m sure each of us women have neglected to care for ourselves in at least one if not all of the self care categories that I wrote about in this post.

Let’s get intentional on taking the time to care for ourselves,and I don’t mean just saying we are going to do it. Set up a time(yes like an appointment) when you are going to enjoy some “me time”, make that doctor or dentist appointment and or even meal plan to start eating healthy. We are diligent in making appointments and caring for others let’s get diligent in making appointments and caring for ourselves. Let’s get started today! Your family and friends will thank you!

As always remember You Are A Worthy Woman!

Overcoming The Unexpected

Have you ever just been going about your life doing well, grinding on the way to success and out of the blue it hit you? What hit you? Life that’s what hit you! You know that bill, bad news or unexpected breakdown of a relationship you weren’t prepared for? What do you do to overcome moments or even seasons like these? Well this past week I experienced one of those unexpected moments and it wasn’t pretty. I want to share some points with you that may help in coming out of these seasons or moments of life on top.

1. Faith
The first thing I think is crucial in seasons or moments like this is faith. At times like these you you should draw as close to God as possible. He is the ultimate comforter. Some of the ways you can draw close to God is: reading His word, praying(talk to Him just like you talk to your friends, He understands your language He made you), listening to sermons and one of my favorites, listening to praise and worship music. In my opinion faith is absolutely necessary in overcoming life’s’ unexpected moments or seasons.

2. Good Friends
There is nothing like having a good friend to give you that pep talk, laugh and cry all in the same conversation. That friend who will allow you to be sad for a few moments and even a few days if need be, but after that, is there to motivate you to get back in the swing of things. At times like these we don’t need those fair weather friends or someone who calls themselves your friend but aren’t really familiar with the true meaning of the word. You need those true friends that will push you. This brings me to my next point.

3. A Positive Environment
Being positive when going through life’s unexpected moments can be hard, but it will make all the difference in the time it takes you to bounce back. Inevitably at some point in our lives we will all be knocked down but we must not stay down, we have to get back up as quickly as possible. To do that maintaining a positive environment is key. You do this by surrounding yourself with positive people even if it’s only one person be sure that person is positive. If you don’t have any positive people to be around then listen to positive people’s messages on your phone, in your car and on the computer. Some positive people you can listen to are Dr. Eric Thomas, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown to name a few. Each one of these guys motivate me each time I listen to them but if you aren’t motivated by any of them you can do a google search to find someone that motivates you. Being positive also includes the words you speak to yourself, this is crucial in this process of overcoming the unexpected. It’s bad when others speak negative words about you, but I think it’s even worse when you speak negative about yourself. Speaking positive in my opinion helps you stay positive.

4. Laughter
Lastly when going through the unexpected, I suggest you get in a few belly laughs a day. Really you should get a few belly laughs in even if you aren’t facing a challenge. For me I have a few go to movies or tv shows that I watch when I just need a laugh. Laughing just does something for me, it almost has a soothing affect. I remember as a kid hearing women say that they had to laugh to keep from crying. Sometimes that’s what we have to do, laugh to keep from crying. Laughter is healing for the emotions in my opinion. As the scripture says “Laughter does the heart good like medicine”. So the next time you are going through or just need a laugh get a few funny movies and laugh to your hearts content.

So if you’re in a difficult unexpected season or moment right now, try some of these keys and see how they help during this time. If life is going good for you keep this post handy anyway to refer back to as life has a way of showing up unexpectedly. Actually it may be helpful to have these things in place at all times because as Dr. Eric Thomas says “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”. No matter what season of life you may be in today always remember You Are A Worthy Woman!