Overcoming The Unexpected

Have you ever just been going about your life doing well, grinding on the way to success and out of the blue it hit you? What hit you? Life that’s what hit you! You know that bill, bad news or unexpected breakdown of a relationship you weren’t prepared for? What do you do to overcome moments or even seasons like these? Well this past week I experienced one of those unexpected moments and it wasn’t pretty. I want to share some points with you that may help in coming out of these seasons or moments of life on top.

1. Faith
The first thing I think is crucial in seasons or moments like this is faith. At times like these you you should draw as close to God as possible. He is the ultimate comforter. Some of the ways you can draw close to God is: reading His word, praying(talk to Him just like you talk to your friends, He understands your language He made you), listening to sermons and one of my favorites, listening to praise and worship music. In my opinion faith is absolutely necessary in overcoming life’s’ unexpected moments or seasons.

2. Good Friends
There is nothing like having a good friend to give you that pep talk, laugh and cry all in the same conversation. That friend who will allow you to be sad for a few moments and even a few days if need be, but after that, is there to motivate you to get back in the swing of things. At times like these we don’t need those fair weather friends or someone who calls themselves your friend but aren’t really familiar with the true meaning of the word. You need those true friends that will push you. This brings me to my next point.

3. A Positive Environment
Being positive when going through life’s unexpected moments can be hard, but it will make all the difference in the time it takes you to bounce back. Inevitably at some point in our lives we will all be knocked down but we must not stay down, we have to get back up as quickly as possible. To do that maintaining a positive environment is key. You do this by surrounding yourself with positive people even if it’s only one person be sure that person is positive. If you don’t have any positive people to be around then listen to positive people’s messages on your phone, in your car and on the computer. Some positive people you can listen to are Dr. Eric Thomas, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown to name a few. Each one of these guys motivate me each time I listen to them but if you aren’t motivated by any of them you can do a google search to find someone that motivates you. Being positive also includes the words you speak to yourself, this is crucial in this process of overcoming the unexpected. It’s bad when others speak negative words about you, but I think it’s even worse when you speak negative about yourself. Speaking positive in my opinion helps you stay positive.

4. Laughter
Lastly when going through the unexpected, I suggest you get in a few belly laughs a day. Really you should get a few belly laughs in even if you aren’t facing a challenge. For me I have a few go to movies or tv shows that I watch when I just need a laugh. Laughing just does something for me, it almost has a soothing affect. I remember as a kid hearing women say that they had to laugh to keep from crying. Sometimes that’s what we have to do, laugh to keep from crying. Laughter is healing for the emotions in my opinion. As the scripture says “Laughter does the heart good like medicine”. So the next time you are going through or just need a laugh get a few funny movies and laugh to your hearts content.

So if you’re in a difficult unexpected season or moment right now, try some of these keys and see how they help during this time. If life is going good for you keep this post handy anyway to refer back to as life has a way of showing up unexpectedly. Actually it may be helpful to have these things in place at all times because as Dr. Eric Thomas says “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready”. No matter what season of life you may be in today always remember You Are A Worthy Woman!

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