Take Time To Care For You

As women we are naturally wired to take care of everyone, but at what point do we take care of ourselves? If you are a woman reading this and you are constantly taking care of others but never take the time for you, it’s time to change that today. When caring for others whether children, husband, parents or even friends you can easily forget to take care of you. Caring for self is very important and needs to be prioritized as such. As I write this I am also speaking to myself.

Whether you just take a few hours of alone time to read a good book, going to lunch with a friend or treating yourself to a massage. Self care is so important in that when we are always taking care of others and never or rarely taking care of ourselves, and it can lead to burnout at times. We can’t very well take care of others if we are out of commission. As is stated in the announcements on a plane before take off, In the event of an emergency situation and passengers are required to put on the masks, you must first put the mask on yourself before you can help anyone else. The same goes for life.

When I say self care I’m not just talking about treating yourself to “me time” by doing something you love. I’m also speaking in terms of health as well. If there is a doctors appointment that you have been putting off or if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while even, this is definitely a part of self care. Another important form of self care is the proper food intake. Eating too many sugary, fried and processed food zaps your energy which leaves you drained while trying to care for your family and friends. You already have a lot on your plate who wants to be exhausted halfway through the day. I’m sure each of us women have neglected to care for ourselves in at least one if not all of the self care categories that I wrote about in this post.

Let’s get intentional on taking the time to care for ourselves,and I don’t mean just saying we are going to do it. Set up a time(yes like an appointment) when you are going to enjoy some “me time”, make that doctor or dentist appointment and or even meal plan to start eating healthy. We are diligent in making appointments and caring for others let’s get diligent in making appointments and caring for ourselves. Let’s get started today! Your family and friends will thank you!

As always remember You Are A Worthy Woman!

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