No Permission Needed

You don’t need permission to be great!!

Everything that you will ever need to be great is already on the inside of you. You were born with it, so there is no need to ask for permission to be great. I was either watching a Facebook video or listening to a podcast and the person was talking about greatness and how some people are holding on to their greatness because no one has given them permission. I never really gave much thought to that concept until now. I mean as children we are required to ask permission to do just about everything, and as adults permission is required for certain things as well, but stepping into your greatness should not be one of them. You were born to be great!

God has given you the gifts and talents you need to be great, so go be great. He granted you permission the day you were born. He created you with unique gifts and talents unlike anyone else who will execute greatness as only you could do. So if you have been that person waiting for someone to allow you to or give you permission to be great, the day has come for you to stop waiting and step into your greatness. When I say step into your greatness, I don’t mean go do what so and so is doing I mean do what you were uniquely designed to do. Be the designers original that he created you to be. While you have been waiting for someone to give you permission there are people out here waiting to hear, see or experience your gifts of greatness.

So if you are a writer, go write and be great. If you are a singer go sing and be great. If are an artist, go create and be great. If you are baker, go bake and be great. Whatever gifts talents and abilities that God put within you, use them and go be great. Of course with anything it will take practice, even with gifts and talents. The more you use that gift and practice your craft the more you master it, but if you continue holding on to the gift just knowing that you have it but never cultivating it to make it better you’ll never see the full potential. It’s like receiving a present but never opening it, if you don’t open it you will never know what’s inside and you’ll never be able to enjoy it. So let’s not keep our gifts and greatness on the shelf just for show, let’s get out there and demonstrate the greatness God has put on the inside of us. You don’t need permission to be great!!

Remember, You Are A Worthy Woman!!

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