It’s Time To Use Your Gifts!

How would you feel if you gave your children, niece or nephew a gift to give someone and instead of giving the gift as you told them to, they kept it for themselves? I know if my son did that I would make sure that he would give the gift as I had instructed him to. Well sometimes that’s how it is with us. God has given us gifts and talents to be shared with the world but for whatever reason, whether lack of confidence, not wanting that to be your gift or just lack of ambition, we are still holding on to the gifts for ourselves.

The word gift itself implies that it is to be given away, but sometimes that can seem like such a hard thing to do, so we think. When we think of it in a different perspective I think it would change the way we look at it. The gift you have is unique to you, in that only you can use and administer your gift the way you do. If you’re a speaker there is no one on this earth that can speak like you, or maybe you are a writer but there is still no one on this earth that writes exactly like you. With that being said there are people out there waiting on you to bless them with your gift the way only you can, because receiving the gift from someone else just won’t have the same effect on their life as yours will. There are certain people on this earth that God assigned us to before we were ever born, but if we aren’t using our gifts how can we ever be led to those people?

Walking in the gifts that we have been given will bless more people than we will ever know, and it’s vital. I have seen this first hand this past week as the Breathe University family lost a dear brother and mentor, Chris Daniel. Chris was absolutely walking in his gift and he touched everyone within the Breathe University family and beyond, in some way with his 4 Animals assessment or just by genuinely walking in what God called him to do. To lose him has been so sad but to see that impact that he has had on the world in just 40 years is so amazing and motivating. He left a legacy and gave gifts to the world that will never be forgotten.

So let me ask you, what’s your gift and are you sharing it with the world?

If the answer to that question is no, and you aren’t using your gifts and sharing them with the world. Let me challenge you to begin to do so today. There are people waiting on you! As always remember you are a Worthy Woman!

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