There’s Enough Room For Us All

When you’re in the grocery store and you’re walking down the bread aisle or even the pop isle isn’t it great to know you have options? I mean there are well over 50 brands of bread and as for soft drinks the list seems endless. Just as every brand of bread or pop doesn’t fit the preferences of each person the same goes for whatever gift you have or business you are running. Are you gifted or talented at something but the fact that someone else is doing the same thing make you hesitant to do what it is that you love?

I look at it like this, what if we only had one cell phone company to choose from or better yet one type of residence to live in no matter the size or desires of your family. That would make everyone’s life a bit cookie cutter. We have a buffet if you will of choices when it comes to living preferences and cell phone companies. There is different strokes for different folks, so why is it any difference in you using your gift. Let’s not keep the comparison trap from holding us back from using our gifts. There are millions of people on the planet and when God made one writer, speaker or seamstress he didn’t stop at just one. He made multiple to fit the different needs of the different consumers. The way you write, speak or sew, may be totally different than the way someone else in your field does it, and that’s ok. Don’t let that hinder you from moving, you keep using your gift and use it to the best of your ability, just the way you do it. I mean of course you should always be practicing your craft to get better at it, but keep your own style don’t try to be a duplicate of someone else and their business.

There is always room to get advice from others in your field and maybe even collaborate at times, but don’t for one minute think that you can’t move forward because someone else is in the same field that you are in. Just as a woman would like to have choices when it comes to the type of guy she chooses to spend the rest of her life with, the millions of consumers in the world likes options too. There is and will always be enough room for us all no matter what your field is. The next time you get a bit discouraged about making moves because there are many people in your field, take a look down the toilet paper, bread or soft drink aisle, and the plenty of choices you have to choose from and say to yourself “There is room for me”! As always remember You Are a Worthy Woman!

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