If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; If you can dream it, you can become it.


When was the last time that you sat down, closed your eyes and just imagined? Imagined what could be, thought of all the possibilities and took the limits off?

For many people when they were children, they imagined to the fullest but as we grew up, and start to experience life we imagine less and less. For some reason we lose or allow our childlike belief to become buried with the negative side of what if, but let me ask you this. What if you imagine and dream on a positive note and it does work out and you do succeed? What if you aren’t a failure and you are successful beyond your wildest dreams?

I think in life we get so conditioned to focus on the negative what if’s, that the use of imagination and going after our dreams can sometimes seems irresponsible in some people’s eyes. I believe it’s because we think that as adults we have to just do what needs to be done and enjoying what we do somehow seems childish. Though I know as children we think of some of the wildest things and some of those things should probably be dismissed, but a lot of those things that we imagine and dream of as children could cause us to be successful and genuinely happy beyond our wildest dreams.

We need to get back to imagining and having those moments of childlike faith and dreams. This makes me think about when my son was three years old, he wanted to have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, and he began to invite people to his party. I told him that he was not having a party so stop inviting people, but in his heart this is what he wanted and he was only three, he didn’t understand or think if mommy can’t or won’t do it then I won’t imagine or dream for it. No, he kept believing and imagining and guess what even though I couldn’t give him the party, that doesn’t mean he didn’t have it. He actually did have the party, someone ended up paying for him to have this party because they saw that his faith and imagination. That was actually one of the biggest parties he has ever had, and to this day we still talk about it, but what if he had given up on the party when I told him no, or when he didn’t see how it could happen? I would never be telling you about this story and we wouldn’t have that memory of him as a child to share.

I challenge you today to take some time and just begin to think about the dreams you had as a child or if you don’t remember any of those dreams begin to imagine in the present. Imagine all of the possibilities and ignore the negative what if’s that many times come up when we dream big. Imagining and dreaming big isn’t only for children, what if Steve Jobs or Walt Disney hadn’t imagined? We may have never known what FaceTime is and so many families would not have the precious memories of vacationing at Disneyland or Disney World. So take some time this week(make it a priority) and just dream and imagine, and when that negative voice tries to appear, you speak up and say but what if this is possible and what if I can succeed? Don’t focus on the negative because as Eric Thomas says “Where your focus goes your energy flows” and if that’s not where you’re trying to go don’t allow your thoughts to go there. As worthy women we were born to dream, born for a purpose and it won’t just come to us because we want it we have to go after it. So let’s do this! Imagine!! As always you are a Worthy Woman!

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