No Energy Wasted

When I was a kid my mom was a stickler for turning off unnecessary lights in the house. She said having on so many lights uses up more energy which in turn made the bill unnecessarily higher. Well just like my mom and so many parents around the United States didn’t want us using unnecessary energy, we should continue to follow the rule our parents taught us but in a different way.

Preserving energy is important and as adults we need to do the same but with our own energy, and I don’t mean electricity. I mean your physical energy. We allow people to come into our spaces or call us on the phone with their drama and suck the energy out of us. Which sometimes leave us too drained to do what we need to do for ourselves or our household. Our energy is a valuable commodity and we must treat it as such. I mean your electric company doesn’t allow you to use electricity for free, why do we allow others to use our energy for free?

There are only 24 hours in a day and we need as much energy as we can get to make sure that we get the things done that are a priority. I want you to think about it like a bank account, if you have 24 dollars in the bank you can’t spend 40 or you’ll be overdrawn. Just as if your bank account is overdrawn you have to use tomorrows funds to pay for what you already used in the past, the same is true for your energy. When we allow others to cause us to be overdrawn in energy we don’t have the energy we need to do what is coming in the future, because we have exhausted ourselves to the point that we have to recuperate to get our energy level back to its normal state. So essentially we have used today’s energy yesterday, because we didn’t prioritize properly.

If we want to continue to grow in confidence it’s a must that we learn how to set boundaries and have no energy wasted. As I said before my mom was a stickler for preserving energy and she still is, she unplugs everything in the house that isn’t in use, as she says that current is still being transmitted when it’s plugged in. So just as my mom unplugs any electrical device not in use, it’s a good idea for us to do the same. If gossip, your co-workers or family members latest dilemma isn’t useful to you and I’m sure it isn’t(if something is useful it causes growth or assists you to be better) then you need to unplug from it. When I say unplug that could mean to walk away from the conversation, end the conversation, not answer the phone and maybe even distance yourself from that person. We never want to be in a constant state of being overdrawn in energy, and if you are it’s absolutely necessary to self assess and make the adjustments so that you can get back to normal.

Our energy is way too valuable to use it for what’s not a priority in our lives. For some this may be difficult as it’s what you’re used to, but change and getting uncomfortable is a part of growth. Though it may be difficult when you see the results it will definitely be worth it. Start preserving your energy today, I know you have what it takes. As always, you are a Worthy Woman.

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