You’re Not The Only One

Have you ever been through a situation or were dealing with something and instead of reaching out to someone for help you try to tackle it alone?

I have done that more times than I care to admit, but I have learned over the years that we’re better together. Growing up, many times I’ve felt a certain way and kept it to myself because I didn’t want anyone to think I was weird or that no one would understand. The story I told myself was that I was the only one. The “I’m the only one” story, is one us women have to learn to silence. Of the many times that I’ve told myself that I was the only one, I almost always found out that I wasn’t the only one. There was someone somewhere who had experienced something similar. Not to say that I was happy that someone else went through certain thing, but let’s be honest it feels good when we find out that someone else knows what we’ve been through or is going through.

I believe that once we get past the “I’m the only one” story we tell ourselves, we can move to a place of healing and growth. This will also allow us to help others who experience similar situations that we’ve gone through, and maybe make it easier on them because there’s someone to assist them through the process. I know for me when I was going through what divorce God sent women who had already been there to help me, and it made all the difference.

I will definitely say that you need to use wisdom when you are going through whatever the situation may be, when seeking help from someone. Don’t just tell any and everybody the details of the situation, but at the same time don’t overthink it and isolate yourself to go at it alone. Seek out a trusted person that may be able to assist you, and if you a person of prayer by all means pray and ask God to send you someone. For me sharing what I’m going through with a trusted friend or community has often times offered a sense of relief. I know sharing your situation doesn’t make it go away, but just getting it out and not carrying the weight of the situation on your shoulders are helpful.

Let’s get out of the mentality that we can handle everything on our own, and let’s begin to seek help in these areas. Make a conscious effort that you WILL NOT isolate yourself when going through because isolation keeps you in the I’m the only one mode or just keeps you in your head about the situation. As one of my favorite quotes go “You can do anything but you can’t do everything”. So let’s silence the story of “I’m the only one and realize that we aren’t and we’re better together.

As always remember you are a Worthy Woman!

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