Uniquely You

How many times in life have you felt like you weren’t good enough or you weren’t perfect so you thought there was something wrong with you?

At my sisters graduation the other day, there was as a young man who has a speech impediment who had to give a speech. He talked about how his parents spent thousands of dollars on his speech therapy to help him overcome the speech impediment. All the while because of his speech impediment, he never really had the confidence to try to fit in or make many friends because he thought there was something wrong with him. He told about how it took him 10 years to finally realize that he was perfectly fine just the way he was speech impediment and all. Because of what he thought was a flaw he missed out on what could have been some of the best years of his life. At the end of his speech he told the crowd “don’t let it take you 10 years to realize that you’re fine just the way you are”. Yes you are fine just the way you are!!

Don’t allow whatever flaw you have or think you have keep you from what could be the best years of your life. A flaw is not necessarily a flaw it’s what makes you unique. So embrace your imperfections and walk in confidence knowing you are uniquely you! As always remember you are a Worthy Woman!

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