I am Aspiring Author, Mentor and Mother.  I have a passion for teaching women that they are not defined by their upbringing, their job, their bank account or their relationship status. I simply want women to embrace the love of Christ and know that they are worthy because He made them.

I want you to know today that You are Worthy and you don’t have to settle for less. Regardless of who doesn’t approve of or love you, God approves you and loves you. You are worthy!! 

It is an honor to have you visit my site, and I pray that my words of encouragement will change your life.


Hi Darnise,
Inspiring words! Just stumbled over your site as I was looking to update my book profile on facebook. WORTHY WOMAN CONFESSIONS. Amazing that the same God is working all over the world. God’s richest blessing as you aspire to be an author.

God bless,
Mulenga Kasoma, South Africa

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